EIIN NO: 126759; H.S.C Code:1661

B.M Code:23069; Degree Code: 2528

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Godagari Mohila Degree College

Godagari Mohila Degree College, Godagari is one of the most famous and biggest college in Bangladesh.
It aims at quality education of the students. It creates a favorable environment for the development of the potentials of the students. This college is not only famous at Rajshahi but also all over the country for its own identity. The students of this college have been able to play important role in building the nation for their creativity. The students of this college have a well developed sense of life and moral values.
It got the recognition for its maintaining a steady and better environment for the flourishing of the students and for maintaining strict discipline. From the very beginning of the academic year classes are regularly held.
We try to use ICT in education.

I hope that the college will gradually develop and become a symbol that other educational institutions should follow.